I don't know one dog owner who doesn't share some frustrations with me about their dog, even if only on occasion.  You may be frustrated with your pet for chewing yet another pair of shoes, or for leaving you that unwanted house gift on your new carpet. 


If you're honest, you may also be frustrated with yourself.  Frustrated that you don't have all the time to put into addressing your dog’s issues.  Frustrated that you're a first time dog owner, without all of the answers.  Or, frustrated with the outcomes of your past approaches to dog training.  Regardless of the scale or regularity of these frustrations, they create friction in our lives, and more importantly in the relationship between us and our dogs.



Let’s Play! Dog Training offers unique ways to communicate and bond with your dog. Whether you are seeking relief from your dog’s behavioral or fear-related issues, or if you are looking to teach your old dog new tricks, Let’s Play has you covered. 


I believe in using positive reinforcement-based clicker training, a method used to more effectively communicate with your dog.  With practice, these clicker techniques can be easily replicated by you and your family in your day-to-day lives.  Speaking of day-to-day-lives: Let's Play offers in-home training so that you can easily fit time for you and your dog into your busy schedule.


First time dog owner? No problem. My IN HOME PUPPY KINDERGARTEN will teach you everything your puppy needs to know in order to progress to the front of the class.  I also specialize in working with newly adopted dogs of all ages.  Regardless of age or situation, I can work with you and your new dog to develop socialization skills and good manners, while also having fun.


And for the more experienced, a new and gratifying challenge awaits.  Let's Play is proud to offer advanced classes.  Check out the NOSE WORK and LET'S PLAY! GAMES sections to learn more. 

Based in Jersey City and servicing New Jersey and New York City, Let's Play! is looking forward to learning with you!

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